Today, we’re going to look at four incredible video marketing stats and what they mean for your e-commerce business.

With society’s growing dependence on technology, it’s no surprise that the world of sales and marketing has migrated to the Internet. New approaches to marketing are being discovered every day. However, it’s video marketing that is currently taking the world by storm, and video marketing stats only validate this.

1.  Video marketing produces 54% increase in brand awareness (Aberdeen)

If your business’s brand is suffering or you’re simply not having the kind of impact that you need to grow your business, video marketing could help change that.

Video has the ability to reach the crevices of the Internet like no other content form. This is because the right video content is incredible shareable, and social sharing is primarily what drove organic reach in 2018.

Implement a strong video marketing plan and your brand will spread like wildfire.

2. 97% of businesses note that explainer videos help their users (Wyzowl)

This video marketing stat is particularly important for businesses to latch onto. Do you ever struggle to explain something to a customer in a way that they can understand? It might be about product usage, proper dosage, storage, or gear expiration.

Explainer videos are being used throughout the outdoor industry because they present concepts in a digestible way. Your business will benefit from producing explainer videos for its current and potential customers.

3. More than 500 million people watch a Facebook video every day (Forbes)

Of the five video marketing stats presented in this post, this one might be the most impressive, and here’s why:

More than half a billion people watch a Facebook video everyday, but this stat doesn’t even account for the people who consume video content on other major platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, IGTV, and others.

The reality is this: most people who have access to video consume video on a daily basis. If your business wants to reach potential customers, video is by far your best bet.

4. Approximately 80% of Internet traffic will be video by 2019 (Cisco)

Not as much a video marketing stat as it is a prediction, experts have good reason to believe that video will make up four-fifths of global Internet traffic by next year.

What does this statistic suggest? It suggests that video content is still on the rise and that it’s here to stay. When your business makes an investment in video content and video marketing, you can be confident that it will produce a strong return on investment (ROI) for the foreseeable future.

If your business hasn’t already made a concerted effort to ramp up video content production in 2019, we hope that these four video marketing stats will help change your mind. Video has the potential to increase brand awareness and attract new customers to your e-commerce site this year and moving forward.

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