A report from Cisco reveals a number of statistics and predictions with regards to video content. Why is this relevant? The evidence for video’s dominance is overwhelming, and your brand should get on board and make video a part of your marketing plan before you get left behind!

Per Cisco’s report, it is estimated that video will make up 80% percent of the world’s Internet traffic by 2019. This is a huge jump from 2014, when just 64% percent of global Internet traffic was video-driven.

It’s worth noting that the 80% estimate is fairly conservative, as well. In some countries, this figure will likely be eclipsed! For instance, the United States expects to see video content generate a whopping 85% of its total Internet traffic.

Why is video content blowing up?

The Cisco report suggests that Internet access and usage is still climbing, and by 2019, more than half of the world’s population will be active Internet users.

Major tech companies understand this reality and are fanning the video flame further by developing more video-friendly products. Remember, YouTube began as a desktop application. Today, the majority of its views and impressions are generated by mobile and tablet users.

Why does your brand need to leverage video content marketing?

You might be wondering how video content trends affect your business. After all, you’re just trying to sell your product, not a content developer, right?

Catalogues and direct mail postcards aren’t nearly as effective as they once were. If you’re still employing these marketing methods over others, it’s safe to say that you’ve fallen behind a little bit.

Video is becoming the cornerstone of modern marketing. Today, you have to reach people digitally; and you’re not going to be able to attract enough customers without a strong online presence.

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