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Consumer Research And Competitive Analysis

Consumer Research and Competitive Analysis

To reach your ideal customer, you have to understand them and your competition. We’ll dive in: questioning, analyzing, and developing hypotheses.



Have you gone the agency route and want to bring services in house? We can work with you to build your own Marketing team or help train your existing one. We can put together a plan and provide consulting, on-site or video conference training sessions, and documentation so that implementation is smooth.

Content Creation Branding

Content Creation & Branding

We can help you create a steady flow of brilliant content for your blog to ensure you are constantly engaging with your potential and existing customers.

E-commerce Web Development

E-commerce & Web Development

If your website is outdated or broken, or if you just don’t have one, our team of experts will help you by designing a mobile-friendly, responsive site as a cornerstone for your brand.

Enterprise Platforms

Enterprise platforms

Huck takes a creative approach to technology and innovation. We’ll assess your company to identify the right solutions to connect with consumers through technology.

Photo Video

Photo & Video

It’s time to scrap the pages upon pages of boring text and replace them with eye catching visuals that will attract new customers and keep them engaged.

Paid Media

Paid Media

Through search and prospecting, we’re able to drive qualified leads to your site utilizing various channels, including video. With retargeting, we are able to track who visits your website and show those visitors ads after they leave.

Data Analytics

Data & Analytics

We’ll monitor how your brand is performing. Based on your customers’ interactions, we track, measure, and adapt so that you get the greatest possible return on investment (ROI).

Affiliate & In-app Advertising

Affiliate & In-app Advertising

Get in at the ground level on the hottest new app for the outdoor industry: Huck Adventures. Our partner packages provide a data-centric approach to marketing, which will help you grow your customer base while finding opportunities for R&D. In-app shopping feature coming late-2019.